Mia Lobel Ceramics

I am a body of evidence, sagging with human stories I collected over a lifetime. 

Today, i embody these stories into clay.

The pieces i create are like 3D visual markers, like stele, meant to acknowledge our shared human experience and validate that none of us are alone.



New Work


Raku Drawing 1

Raku Drawing 2

Raku Drawing 3


The Sky is Falling

Mother Pain



Red Boots





Yoga the Lotus





Black and White Flight

Black Flight

White Flight

Sponge Lady

Sitting on Driftwood


Shino Raku and Black Seed

Black Seeds

More Seeds

The Observer

The Joker


Yes No


White Sentinels

Cassius Clay Boxes


Head Beads

Raku Box

Raku Treasure Box

Wonky Box

Black Box

Dot Box






16" x 8" x 6"

(Low fired paper clay, oil stains and encaustic)


Sold at ARTSPAN 2013

Four Generations ... Life Goes On

12" x 20" x 6"

(Low fired paper clay, majolica, stain)

Happy Harpy

22" x 8" x 6"

(High fired paper clay, undergalze)

ronin-2 (7" x 2" x2")

(Porcelain, Stain)

ronin-9 (6" x 2" x2")

(Porcelain, Stain)

ronin-7 (6" x 2" x2")

(Porcelain, Stain)




Be careful about the stories you tell; they will be the stories you live.

I spent my professional life as an academic and a practicing psychologist. During this time, i swallowed a multitude of human stories.

Five years ago I retired into clay as a means of bringing some of these universal human stories back into 3 dimensions; essentially, i am claying my own life experiences and giving volume to the narratives I collected from a life time of 'people work'.

Overall, I create ceramic groups; be they Blamers, Gossipers, A murder of Crows, or Dead Belles, my pieces capture the dance of group dynamics that would resonate with and be important to most people. 

My main interest is to produce synergistic multimedia installations that 'speak' to central human interactions and suggest a way to ameliorate them. I work from very large to very small and I perceive everything i make as an experiment.

My general goal is to create a visual narrative that evokes recognition, touches a common node of humanity and provides a talking point for change.

My greatest challenge thus far has been the quest for the right kind of 'skin' over my pieces; I have, for now, settled on Raku or encaustics.

And finally, bottom line? I am deeply devoted to the process of creativity and I want to have fun!





mia: 4crone@gmail.com